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A Valveless Pump for Gearset Grease

It sucks out the old grease, pumps it into an- other receptacle and feeds in fresh lubricant

���Below: Details of the valveless pump. The horizontal flange at the bot- tom of the cylinder forms practically a double bottom

��Filling a transmission gear- set with new grease which is carried in the valveless pump

��FILLING the transmission gearbox or removing the grease from it or from the rear axle of an automobile is generallyan operation which re- quires a man to put on overalls and gloves if he is to be at all pre- sentable when he finishes the job.

This drudgery can now be done away with by using the simple valveless bucket shown in the accompanying illustra- tions. This can be used to fill the gearset or axle with grease or oil carried in the bucket itself; to feed in a different lubricant instead of that in the bucket, or to suck old grease out of either part and pump it into some other receptacle for use elsewhere.

The device consists of a heavy sheet-iron receptacle in the shape of an ordinary bucket and fitted with a central brass tube inserted in a cast cylinder at the bottom of the bucket. This cylinder has a horizontal flange at the bottom which forms prac- tically a double bottom, the space between the real and false bottom opening to the lower end of a flexible metal hose.

The brass tube may be turned one- quarter turn either way to bring a rect- angular hole near its bottom into register with the passage to the hose or with the

����Sucking old grease out of a rear axle housing . Not a drop is spilled on the woodwork

��bottom of the bucket through holes in the hori- zontal casting flange. In the latter case a charge of the grease in the bucket is sucked into the brass tube by the upward stroke of a small piston inside of the tube, operated through a small finger grip on the outer and upper end of the piston rod. The brass tube is then turned one- quarter way around and the piston forced down by an easy downward pumping stroke of the lever handle with one hand, leaving the other free to guide the free end of the hose, the grease meantime being forced out as the piston descends.

Similarly, closing the bottom of the bucket and opening the passage to the hose by turning the tube another quarter revolu- tion sets the device so that an upward stroke of the piston will suck old grease out of the gearset or rear axle. The next downward stroke will force it into another receptacle.

There is no dirt or muss, and the old greasy overalls may be discarded without any regrets from the list of indispensables around the automobile.

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