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���Millions of shoes worn to all degrees of disrepair, waiting to be sorted, patched and soaked in oil. Scraps of leather are passed through an ingenious cutter and converted into boot-laces

��The "Shoe Hospital" of the Allies. Not an Inch of Leather Is Wasted

IN a recent issue of The New Republic, W. M. Meredith makes the following reference to the shoe-repair shops of the Allied Armies.

"Entering another shop we find huge stacks of worn-out boots in every degree of disrepair. These are first sorted out like patients in a hospital, according to their various injuries. Those requiring new soles go in one direction, those which must have new toes or sides are passed on in another. Here the boots are re- fitted completely, and finally go into a bath of hot oil where they are thoroughly soaked. If any British soldier of the three million or so in France expresses a wish to have a certain pair of boots returned to him that fit him with com- fort, he is certain of getting that same pair back." Think of that in connection with our photograph above!

���The hair-drying frame is of wire net- ting with an adjustable head band

��Not the Latest Style in Hats — Just a Hair-Drying Frame

THE artist who made the "human interest" drawing of the hair-drying frame illustrated below is evidently a bachelor who has spent all his days in an Eden where there were no Eves to go about periodically in low-necked kimonos and wildly flowing tresses during the process of drying and airing the hair after a shampoo. However, he has shown the frame clearly. It is made of wire netting, and buckles around the head with an adjustable band. The hair is drawn up tight to the crown of the head after the last rinsing and a perfunctory drying. Then the frame is ad- justed and buckled around the head, and the hair is spread over it in all directions, so that the air can circulate through it thoroughly. To the professional hair- dresser, with an electric fan for the drying, such a frame should prove invaluable.

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