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��used for dampening the fire, but does not burn freely enough alone to give the requisite heat.

Under no circumstances use pine wood, because the smoke gives a resinous flavor to the fish and renders it most unpleasant to the taste. A very small amount of pine wood may be used with other woods if no better fuel is available.

The smoking process is very simple, but it requires care and patience. Fish should be smoked from 24 to 36 hours, depending on their size. Some small fish need only 6 to 8 hours. Care should be taken not to allow the lire to get too hot as too much heat makes the product dry and unattrac- tive. At first it is well to test the fish by- tearing off small ' pieces while they are smoking.

When the fish are properly smoked they should be left in the smokehouse until cold. If they are taken out while hot they are almost sure to sweat. This causes molding. They should be kept in a cool, dry place as an insurance against mold. It is a good idea to dip them in melted paraffin as a protective measure. They should be handled very little after this.

��Simple Ejector for Removing Water from an Ash Pit

CONSIDERABLE trouble was experi- enced in a boiler room with a leaky valve, the location of which caused the water to run in the ash pit. This had to be bailed out, and the fireman had all he could do, until the repair was made, re- moving the water with a bucket. Being gifted with some ingenuity he devised the ejector shown in the il- lustration. A piece of 2^- in. pipe long enough to reach out of the boiler room was placed so that one end entered the pit while the other remained in the water.

��To out side of boiler room


��Automobile Footboard Used as a Roller Board

THE footboard of an automobile can be readily made into a roller board con- venient for making investigations under the car whether in the garage or on a country


���The footboard with rollers attached makes a good roller board for use under automobile

road. It is only necessary to attach a ball- bearing roller or caster on the underside of the board at each corner where they will not be likely to interfere with any part of the motor. — Louis S. Niper.

��A length of ^-in. pipe

��was bent into a U-shape, one end being introduced in the large pipe in the water and the other attached to a steam line. With this appliance which only re- quired a few minutes to make, and which cost practically nothing, the water was soon removed. — Charles Loomis.

��This end to extend to bottom of ash pit

��A simple and inexpensive ejector made of pipe and fittings

��A New Way to Make an Hydraulic Test for Steam Boilers

SOME time ago, the writer desired to test a small upright boiler that had frozen up during a cold snap. Having no force pump to give it the hydraulic test of 100 lb. pressure per square inch, he finally hit upon the following method which proved very effective:

The boiler was filled completely with water, leaving no air space whatever; then a small fire was built so as to heat the water gradually. This caused the water to ex- pand and register pressure on the gage. When the desired amount of 100 lb. was reached, a try-cock was opened and the water al- lowed to reach the proper working level. Everything being found in good work- ing order, the fire was in- creased and the necessary amount of steam was then gotten up in the usual way. It is best always to thaw a frozen boiler out completely before trying any tests of this kind, making sure that all of the pipes are free from ice, and everything in good condition ; otherwise serious accidents may result. — W. S. Staudiford.

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