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A Practical Electric Vacuum Cleaner

II. — The construction of the motor was explained last month. Now comes the housing problem

��By L. E. Swindell

��THE shoe is constructed of black sheet iron 1/16 in. thick. The necessary dimensions are given in Fig. 10. The patterns should first be cut out of cardboard and then traced on the sheet iron to obtain the best results. The parts are cut out with a pair of tinner's snips. They are then as- sembled as in Fig. II. A little study will show how they fit together. The holes shown indicate where the parts are riveted together. After riveting, all the joints are

��soldered to add to the rigidity and make the fan-case airtight. Where the edges of the shoe touch the floor, U-shaped pieces of thin iron are used to enclose them. These are soldered in place. If desired, a rotary brush may be placed inside the shoe, which will materially aid in picking up lint, thread, etc., from the floor. On each side of the fan-case is a projecting piece of ^j-in. iron rod % in. long, which fits into a hole in the lower end of the handle.


��Patterns for cutting the sheet metal to form the airtight suction-box and shoe which inclose the fan of the motor, and the manner of shaping the fan blades and attaching the handle


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