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/Black buttons /Thimble

���White buttons

Black thread White thread Meedles Pins

��Comfort for Our Soldier of Many Ingenious Minds. Kits Containing Almost Buttons and Brushes, Soap,

��No one can take mother's place in sewing on buttons, but with this little sewing kit on hand, it is as easy to sew on a button as to depend on a thong of dried grass. Pins are also provided in the kit

��Cur soldier boys are sensitive about their personal appearance and pride themselves on their neatness after the rough work is done. Promotion, too, is often in- fluenced by such things, it is said

���The business of sewing up a tear is al- most as strenuous as the military drill for which this soldier is grooming himself

��It is part of a typical American soldier's hygiene to keep his nails cropped and cleaned, however rough his work may be


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