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Steps in the Making of Rifles and Bullets

���James, here, is busily engaged in assem- bling the butt. He slips the wooden butt- stock into place and starts the metal parts into the shoulder butt by hand

��The butt-stocks are roughly formed in the carpenter shop. Before being polished, they are cleaned on large buffing wheels like those in the top picture at right

��In center picture at right: Grinding the butt-stocks so the metal parts will fit accurately. Two butt ends are inserted and ground in the machine at one time

���Photos © Press Illus. Serv.

��Above: Stock butts being finished and polished. They are varnished, dried and rubbed down with emery cloth. This process is repeated as often as may be considered necessary to secure the final polish, which must be very high and of lasting quality

��Now for the wonderful work on the magazine. Cavities and slots are cut out of solid metal by a modern milling machine with high-speed rotary cutters. The milky fluid running over the table is called the cutting liquid which prevents the tool from over heating


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