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What's New in Automobile Accessories?

��A new muffler that contracts and expands in order to ex- haust gases from the auto- mobile engine. It passes them through a series of bell- shaped stampings at the ex- haust end to reduce the noise

��At left: A staggered door arrangement. The driver enters on the left side. The door for the passengers is set in the center of the right side. This keeps the driver from passing in front- of the passengers to get to his seat

���A chemically prepared cloth with which to rub a wind shield to prevent rain from dimming the glass

��The needle of this compass has lumin- ous ends so that it may be used by au- tomobilists at night

��This auxiliary lens applied to any auto- mobile lamp will make a flood of light without any glare

����This steering post hol- ster is for use on the police detective's car

��A rain cape for emergency use. It can be carried in the tool box and may be used to protect passengers as well as upholstery


��I Steel tire

A laminated wood wheel with a steel tire for steam wagons

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