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Efficiency Hints and Little Helps for Your Office, Sir

���Above: A standard with separable trays for sorting and filing mail

��Gummed washers as tie fasteners to be attached to an envelope or package containing other than first class mail matter

����Adhesive tape container with moistener for binding packages

��Below: A pin tumbler lock for loose leaf binders

��A stamp pad with an ink- ing ribbon roll similar to a typewriter ribbon

��With this container mucilage may be applied and spread without getting the fingers sticky

���A card-index holder having the names and addresses of customers in plain sight and the nota- tion covered over by the overlap- ping index sheet

��Blue print file and desk with drawing- board attachment for copying notes and measurements coveniently


��A printing attach- ment for paper roll holders. It prints advertisement on each strip of the paper torn off to wrap a package

�� �