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An 'Imported Jungle in a School Yard

A method de luxe by means of which one set of children could dispense with school books

��THE children in the family of Mr. George .Getz, of Chicago, 111., are not inclined to neglect their school work. In fact, there is little difference between the school hours and therecreation periods ; for according to the system of education which Mr. Getz has established for them, school work is recrea- tion.

On the Getz estate at Lakewood, Michi- gan, where the chil- dren pass the greater part of the year, there is a veritable jungle, full of animals, wild and tame, from which the lessons in zoology may be illustrated at first hand. There are camels on which the youngsters may ride while they learn all there is to know from the Arabian caretakers about the habits of the camels and listen to tales of mystery about the great African desert and

���The schoolhouse, built for three children, answers the purpose of a church on Sundays

��Arabian lore more interesting by far than fairy stories. The children know all about the honey bear, the various types of mon- keys and other small animals, including guinea pigs and rab- bits. All are to be found in their private zoo.

When the lesson is on birds, there are still finer facilities for study. In the aviary there is almost every kind of bird known to man. These are kept in congenial groups under the care of ex- perienced fanciers. Of course there are all kinds of flowers to supply not only beauty of landscape and material for bota- ny lessons, but also nectar for the bees.

There are vege- tables and farm ani- mals of every descrip- tion, some native to the United States and others from different parts of the globe. Geography and History are taught at the same time and in connec- tion with the Nature study.

���In the aviary almost every kind of bird known to man is kept. History and Geography are taught in story form in connection with the bird and animal lore of the different countries


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