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Do It With Tools and Machines

���A convenient oil and grease cup in which the grease is retained for an emergency. The object of this cup is to prevent the over- heating of the bear- ing should the oil passages become clogged or the at- tendant fail to start the oil cup feed or neglect to fill the oil cup promptly

��A triangle that can be used alone for drawing any kind of an angle or series of parallel lines di- rectly and easily

���With this electrically driven screw-extractor a broken screw may be removed as quickly as a new one without waste of time. It is made similar to the portable electric drill

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���A vise for use between milling machine centers which saves much of the time of the usual set-up

��A light inclosed electric hoist that may be operated from a distance and used in a manner similar to the hoist- ing unit on travel- ing jib or wall cranes. The addi- tion of an operator's cab adapts this hoist for high speed intercommunication





���A cotter pin extractor that not only draws the pins but straightens the shanks so that they may be used again without any special operation to permit their reinsertion in the opening of the bolt or shaft from which they were taken. The clip for drawing the cotter is worked by a pair of arms between the closing handles

���A handle like a saw grip to receive the shank of an ordi- nary file of any size

��An expansion bolt shown in detail in Fig. 1 and fully expanded in hole in Fig. 2

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