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��The actor must see the lion in front of him just as plainly as does the audience

��A Labor-Saving Dump Car. It Does Away with Shovels

►OTH speed in unloading and economy of labor are se- cured with a new dump-car which throws material to either side of the track. The side of the car turns down when dump- ing and serves as an apron to carry the material clear of the track and cars. In this respect the car differs from any other made, as it discharges the ma- terial in such a position that no labor whatsoever is required for shoveling. ;As the regular train crew can handle the dumping apparatus, the services of section gangs, regular laborers, or extras are not required for dumping. The speed of unloading also releases the rolling stock quickly; for the cars may be immediately returned for loading, instead of being held for about ten days as formerly.

A car is dumped by compressed air, and one car or an entire train can be dumped at one time. The dump car is all steel, and the body is supported on rockers. Equilibrium is provided for by a flat place in the center of each rocker sur- face. In dumping, the box ; is merely tipped off this flat surface. When the box is empty the low center of gravity Causes it to roll back into place. The car may be dumped to either side by making a slight adjustment. A link fastens the car in the upright position, and a separate lock makes it impossible to dump the contents to .the wrong side.

On a single division of an Eastern road the cost of removing waste was reduced by the side dump cars from $100 to $37 a day.

��How "the Lion and the Lamb" Lie Down Together in the Motion Pictures

"TylTHAT chances actors take!" you

VV may exclaim when you examine the photograph above, showing a man and a lion, with a none too pleasant expression, in a hollow log together, each apparently unaware of the presence of the other.

It seems a pity to spoil the effect of such a good thriller by - telling the truth about the filming. The lion alone was taken during one ex- posure of the film. When he had bowed himself out of the log and back into his cage the man was allowed to take the center of the screen, or rather of the log, and was photographed in proper relation to the lion on the second exposure of the same film. But on the screen, of course, they both appear in the log at the The side dump car in operation. The side piece acts as

same time. an apron to carry the waste material clear of the tracks

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