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Housekeeping Made Easy

��Below: A vegetable dicer. It cuts potatoes, carrots, etc., in small cubes without extract- ing any of the juices

���A spacious kitchen cabinet which will ac- commodate every kind of kitchen utensil. It even has a ventilated compartment for food

��In center above: A bookcase which has been transformed into a dolls' house for the nursery. Here the toys are kept dust-free and orderly

���A light-weight magazine holder made of hand-painted tin which is decorative enough for an ornament

���A sanitary case for the toothbrush. The tube of tooth paste is held in a clamp at the side. The base of the device is attached to the wall

��In center: A combination step- ladder and stool with large round top. It folds up to four inches in width and weighs six pounds

���Carved wood figures are popular in decorations. Here a flower-holder is concealed by a dainty lady doll

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