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���A garden in which nothing but weeds can find a place. It is the one spot in all the world, perhaps, where weeding means cultivation of weeds. Later on, various exterminators will be tried on them

��A Garden in Which Weeds Are Not Only Tolerated but Cultivated

" |_r*OR every evil under the sun there is a 3P remedy or there is none," says the jingling rhymster, and leaves it to the scientist to find out whether there is or not. To find the remedy for weeds, the bugbear of every farmer and lover of growing things, a garden was planted at the Agricultural Experiment Station of the University of Minnesota and 175 different varieties of the pests were given honorable lodg- ment in the perfectly good soil. They grew. They thrived They bore abun- dant seed. They were classi f ied and a collec- tion of weed seeds was produced and listed. Then repel- lents and ex- terminators were tried out on them.

���Film comedy has its queer moments, such as traveling in freak equipages and make-up in search of suitable landscape

��Taking Motion Pictures on the Road in a Queer Vehicle

THE motion picture director is a creature of weird fancies. If he were otherwise he would not be a motion picture director. He lies awake nights worrying about ways for. doing something different. If he becomes hum-drum, if his ideas smack of the commonplace, his directorship is soon ended.

The quest for novelty partly explains the freakish caravan on rubber tires which the accom- panying photograph shows. The pur- pose of the queer equipage is serious. It is seeking the right landscape for a back- ground for a special com- edy, and is transporting the camera and troop to the spot.

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