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Popular Science Monthly


Volume 92 January -June, 191(S


Teaching Airplane Pilots 50

The Albatross 55

European Airplane Models for American Manufac- ture 66

Taking Signals from Airplanes I 74

Sending Sound Bombs in the Air to Warn London

of Air Raids 1 76- 1 77

Non-Flying Air Service Needs Radio Men 197

Map of Airplane Routes Across the U. 3 270-27 I

Fighting Off Aviators with Shotguns 365

Teaching Flyers to Fight 370

Baring the Superzeppelin's Secrets 372

Tightening Airplane Wires by Tuning Fork 406

Hurrah! Mother May Have to Find a Substitute

for Castor Oil 409

German Night-Moths and Their Guiding Flames . . 416

Enlist in U. S. Air Service 425

Reducing the Weight of the Airplane Engine 427

Netting the Airman . 483

The Eyes in the Air 508

Dropping Death from the Skies 518

Now Appears the Elephant of the Air 528

Conquering the Pole by Airplane 572

Spotting Submarines from Balloons 578

The Air Pilot's Flying Log Book 580

"Mothers " for Airplanes at Sea . . 590

Caging the Airplane Propeller in Case He Gets Too

Wild 593

Two Hundred Aviators Lost in Year 594

Using a Ford as an Airplane-Tender 643

Portholes in an Airplane Hull 666

Airplane Dives Through Balloon 690

Wind. Weather and the Airman 722

The Life of an Airplane Is Short 749

Protecting Aviator's Camera Bellows 750

Braking an Airplane While Flying 754

Air Raiders Don't Like These Lights 825

The Penguin Seaplane 856

Parachute Breeches 857

Parachute Safety Device for Airplanes 898

How the French Developed a New Battleplane ... 916


The Miniature Farms and Vineyards of France. . . 95

Bury the Coffee-Grounds in the Garden 105

How the First Potatoes Were Popularized in France 105

Burning the Roots of Stumps Out of the Ground. . 110

Growing Gourds in New Jersey I 70

Ashes from Burned Wood Make a Good Fertilizer 200 Tapping L'nderground Streams to Convert the

Sahara into a Flower Garden 251

Another Use for Tree Roots 252

The Pig Subway and Why It Was Invented 263

Gasoline Engine Used to Load Sugar Cane 363

Wooden Shoes for Horses So They Can't Sink Into

Mud 363

Plowing by Electricity 389

This New Self-Loading Wagon Makes Road Grad- ing E.asy 407

Making the Gopher Shoot Himself 427

An Antique Chinese Water- Wheel Irrigates a

Modern Colorado Orchard .' 429

Raising Birds for the French Hunter 432

French Inventor Improves the American Harvester 437

First Camphor Plantation 504

The Amazing Nanny 575

An Effective Method of Weaning a Calf 589

A Sweet Potato Digger 589

These Home-Made Tools Save the CosI and Keep

of a Horse 598

Gromng Potatoes in a Box 668


Hoeing Machine Does the Work of Four Men. . . . 679

The Richest Food in the World 686

Onc-Man Tobacco Planter 695

An Automatic Poultry Feeder 706

It Walks Through the Field, and Drags a Plow. . 732

The "Tappoon" — -a Portable Flood-Gate 735

The Tree in the Barn 736

Dynamiting Animal Pests 736

The Farm Tractor in Road Building 737

Trapping the Wise Old Crow 737

Kill Weeds with Gasoline 739

Efficient Garden Rake 739

Killing Bugs with Dust 743

The Traveling Brush-Burner 748

Picking Cotton with a Vacuum Cleaner 756

A Water-filled Roller . . , 834

Making Money Out of Rabbits 835

Catching Grasshoppers by the Bushel 838

Individual Protective Housing for Delicate Plants 848

Soap and Fertilizer from Dead Locusts 848

Submarine Saws for Water Weeds 861

Plowing with Coal-Gas on English Farms 862

Making It Easy for Old Dobbin to Eat 879

Every Farmer May Be His Own Soil Chemist 896

Kneeling Made Comfortable by This Pad 909

Making a Wind-Proof, Rain-Proof Chicken House 914

The New Dandelion Extractor 917

Making a Gas Attack on the Pesky Ground Squirrel 918


Whetting Public Curiosity — A Real Estate Dealer's

Ruse 24

A House with Hanging Walls 59

An Open Fireplace on the Veranda 107

The Collapsible Metal Telegraph Pole May Re an

Ornament — Not an Eyesore 112

The Narrowest Store 117

Ancient Cliff Dwellers in the Mssa Verde 180-181

A Modern Recreation Building 212

Ventilating Huge Building 256

New Idea in Hospital Building 346

Standpipes with a Concrete Shell 391

Removing Church Steeple to Make Room for Sky-

ScTaper 420

An Automatic Window Closer 506

Using Minstrels to Sell Automobiles 529

Sample House in a Suit Case 549

Use Fruit Trees Instead of Shade Trees or Even Ivy 596

Camouflage Lions 671

Combined Garage, Tennis Court, etc 683

Combination Store Front and Awning 684

Wide Window Casements 704

Homes for War Workers 740

Introducing the Busy Honey Bee — Ecclesiastical

Architect 824

Here Is a Zigzag Platform for Loading Wagons. . . 864

Mexican Corn Bins Look Like Sugar Loaves .... 870

This Is a Farm Gate — No Doubt of That 872

A Camouflaged Well-Curb 896

The "Little Church of the Flowers" 906


Seeing a Trillion Miles 47

What Are Shooting Stars? 63

Canopus — A Mighty Celestial Furnace 234

Why Is the Sun Bigger on the Horizon? 23 7

They Can Always Borrow a Few Fine Names from

the Patent Medicines 324

When the Moon Darkens the Sun 849

Thirty Million Collisions in a Day 915

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