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Population Registration.


Act No. 30 of 1950.

Amendment of section 1 of Act 38 of 1914.

23. The following sub-section is hereby substituted for sub-section (3) of section one of the Statistics Act, 1914:

“(3) (a) There shall be established a statistical council consisting of the Director of Census, who shall be chairman, and the Assistant-Director of Census, who shall be vice-chairman, and not less than six and not more than ten other persons who shall be appointed by the Governor-General and shall hold office during pleasure.

(b) The council shall advise the Minister in regard to any matter connected with this Act or the Population Registration Act, 1950, and may from time to time make or cause to be made by a person authorized thereto by the Council such inspections of the population register compiled and maintained under the last-mentioned Act as it may deem fit, and shall report any irregularity in the compilation or maintenance thereof to the Minister.

(c) The council shall meet at least once in every year upon written notice of the chairman.

(d) A report on the activities of the council shall be submitted to the Minister annually and the Minister shall lay that report on the Tables of both Houses of Parliament within thirty days after receipt thereof by him if Parliament be then in ordinary session, or, if Parliament be not then in ordinary session, within thirty days after the commencement of its next ensuing ordinary session.”

Short title.

24. This Act shall be called the Population Registration Act, 1950.

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