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race which inhabits the valleys N. of (the Inner Himalaya) as far as the Hindu Kush is separated from the Kashmiri population by language as well as by physical characteristics .... There is little in the Dard to enlist the sympathies of the casual observer. He lacks the intelligence, humour, and fine physique of the Kashmiri, and, though undoubtedly far braver than the latter, has none of the independent spirit and manly

Fig. 33. Dards.

bearing which draw us towards the Pathan despite all his failings. But I can never see a Dard without thinking of the thousands of years of struggle they have carried on with the harsh climate and the barren soil of their mountains[1]."

Kanjutis. — The origin of the Kanj litis of Hunza is uncertain, and so are the relationships of their language.

  1. Sand Buried Ruins of Khotan, pp. 14 — 15.