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Ch. 14.

Short Titles Act, 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.
19 & 20 Vict. c. 113. An Act to provide for taking Evidence in Her Majesty's Dominions in relation to Civil and Commercial Matters pending before Foreign Tribunals. The Foreign Tribunals Evidence  Act, 1856.
19 & 20 Vict. c. 114. An Act to prevent false Packing and other Frauds in the Hay and Straw Trade. The Hay and Straw  Act, 1856.
19 & 20 Vict. c. 116. An Act for the Appointment of a Vice-President of the Committee of Council on Education. The Education Department  Act, 1856.
19 & 20 Vict. c. 117. An Act to amend the Law relating to the Relief of the Poor in Scotland. The Poor Law (Scotland)  Act, 1856.
19 & 20 Vict. c. 118. An Act to amend the Act of the last Session of Parliament for diminishing Expense and Delay in the Administration of Criminal Justice in certain Cases. The Criminal Justice  Act, 1856.
19 & 20 Vict. c. 119. An Act to amend the Provisions of the Marriage and Registration Acts. The Marriage and Registration  Act, 1856.
20 Vict. c. 1. An Act to amend the Act for limiting the Time of Service in the Royal Marine Forces. The Royal Marines  Act, 1856.
20 Vict. c. 2. An Act to facilitate the Appointment of Chief Constables for adjoining Counties, and to confirm appointments of Chief Constables in certain Cases. The County Police  Act, 1856.
20 Vict. c. 11. An Act to amend the Commissioners of Supply (Scotland) Act, 1856. The Commissioners of Supply (Scotland)  Act, 1857.
20 Vict. c. 12. An Act the title of which begins with the words "An Act to amend," and ends with the words " in certain Cases." The Lighting of Towns (Ireland)  Act, 1857.
20 Vict. c. 19. An Act to provide for the Relief of the Poor in Extra-parochial Places. The Extra-Parochial Places  Act, 1857.
20 & 21 Vict. c. 1. An Act for the Amendment of the Cinque Ports Act. The Cinque Ports  Act, 1857.
20 & 21 Vict. c. 3. An Act to amend the Act of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Years of Her Majesty, to substitute in certain Cases other Punishment in lieu of Transportation. The Penal Servitude  Act, 1857.