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Friendly Societies Act, 1896.

Ch. 25.


Quinquennial valuation28.—(1.) Every registered society and branch shall, except as in this section provided, once at least in every five years either—

(a) cause its assets and liabilities to be valued by a valuer to be appointed by the society or branch and send to the registrar a report on the condition of the society or branch; or

(b) send to the registrar a return of the benefits assured and contributions receivable from all the members of the society or branch, and of all its funds and effects, debts and credits, accompanied by such evidence in support thereof as the chief registrar prescribes.

(2.) If the society or branch sends to the registrar such report as aforesaid, the report must —

(a) be signed by the valuer; and

(b) state the address and calling or profession of the valuer; and

(c) contain an abstract to be made by the valuer of the results of his valuation, together with a statement containing such information with respect to the benefits assured and the contributions receivable by the society or branch, and of its funds and effects, debts and credits, as the registrar may require.

(3.) If the society or branch sends to the registrar such return as aforesaid he shall cause the assets and liabilities of the society or branch to be valued and reported on by some actuary, and shall send to the society or branch a copy of the report and an abstract of the results of the valuation.

(4.) Provided that this section shall not apply to —

(a) a benevolent society, working-men's club, cattle insurance society or branch thereof; or

(b) a specially authorised society or branch unless it is so directed in the authority for registering that society or branch.

(5.) Provided also that the chief registrar may, with the approval of the Treasury, dispense with the provisions of this section in respect of societies or branches to whose purposes or to the nature of whose operations he may deem those provisions inapplicable.

Copy of last balance sheet.29. Every registered society and branch shall keep a copy of the last annual balance sheet, and of the last quinquennial valuation, together with any special report of the auditors, always hung up in a conspicuous place at the registered office of the society or branch.

Public auditors and valuers30.—(1.) For the purpose of audits and valuations to be made under this Act the Treasury may appoint public auditors and valuers and may determine the rates of remuneration to be paid by societies and branches for the services of those auditors and valuers; but the employment of those auditors and valuers shall not be compulsory.

(2.) The Treasury may out of money to be provided by Parliament pay to the public auditors and valuers such remuneration (if any) as the Treasury may allow.

Registered Cattle insurance and other societies.31.—(1.) The rules of a registered cattle insurance society or branch, and of such specially authorised societies or branches thereof as the Treasury may allow to take the benefit of this section, shall