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Ch. 32.

Orkney and Zetland Small Piers and Harbours Act, 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

without a requisition,. but subject to the consent of the county council and of the Local Government Board.

(4.) Any expenditure attending the carrying out within a special pier and harbour district of the purposes of this Act, or any of them, shall be paid out of an assessment to be imposed by the county council with the consent of the Local Government Board within the special district, to be called the special district (pier and harbour) rate, and levied along with and as an addition to and in excess of the public health rate, and with the same remedies and modes of recovery:—

Provided that—

(a.) Such special district (pier and harbour) late shall not exceed fifteen pence in the pound on the annual value of the lands and heritages within the special district as ascertained for the purposes of the Poor Law (Scotland) Act, 1845 {{8 & 9 Vict c. 83:

(b.) When a special district is formed in terms of this Act, the Public Health (Scotland) Acts shall in their application to such special district be amended to the extent that the maximum assessment leviable thereunder shall be diminished by the amount of the rate for the time being levied in terms of this Act, so that the maximum assessment aforesaid and the rate levied in terms of this Act taken together shall not in any year exceed the rate of two shillings and sixpence in the pound in any special water supply or drainage district.

(5.) If in any year ending the fifteenth day of May the rates received by the district committee, as undertakers, shall be insufficient to defray the expenses of the maintenance, repair, management, and regulation of any authorised works, it shall be lawful for and incumbent on the county council to meet such deficiency by imposing and levying a rate in terms of this Act upon the special pier and harbour district within which the works are situate.

(6.) If from any cause the local subscriptions received on account any works, together with the grant out of moneys voted by Parliament, shall be insufficient to defray the cost of constructing the authorised works, the county council shall hi bound to pay and provide for such deficiency, and for that purpose may borrow, on the security of a rate to be levied in terms of this Act upon the special pier and harbour district within which the works are situate, and such rate shall be chargeable with the principal and interest of the loan, the amount of such deficiency in the manner and subject to the provisions of section sixty-seven of the Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1889 62 & 63 Vict c. 50..

(7.) Where a special district has been formed under the provisions of this Act, the district committee may, subject to regulations to be from time to time made with the consent of the county council, appoint a sub-committee for the management and maintenance of the pier and harbour works, and such sub-comiteee shall; in whole or in part, consist of parish councillors of the parish or parishes in which the special district is situated, whether members of the district committee or not