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Ch. 50.

Poor Law Officers Superannuation Act, 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

any time within three months after the commencement of this Act signify in writing to such authority his intention not to avail himself of the provisions of this Act, and in that event it shall not be obligatory on him, notwithstanding anything in this Act contained, to make any contributions or submit to any deduction from his salary or wages under this Act, nor shall he be entitled to receive any superannuation allowance, gratuity, or other benefit, under this Act.

Any such officer or servant who has given such notice as aforesaid shall remain subject to the provisions of the Poor Law Officers' Superannuation Act, 1864 27 & 28 Vict. c. 42., and the Acts amending the same as if this Act had not been passed, and those provisions shall for the purposes of this enactment continue in force notwithstanding their repeal by this Act.


Provision in case of paid collectors16. In the case of a paid collector of rates or assistant overseer appointed by the guardians of a union for any parish or parishes forming part of the union, the contributions of such collector or assistant overseer shall be carried by the guardians to the credit of the parish or parishes out of which his salary or emoluments is or are paid, in proportion to his respective salaries or emoluments, and any allowance or gratuity to him under this Act shall be charged to the same parish or parishes in the like proportions

Provision in case of superintendent registrars 17. Superintendent registrars, who are remunerated wholly or partly by fees, shall pay annually the due percentage amount of their fees to the guardians of their respective unions at the time or times prescribed by such guardians respectively, and such amounts shall be carried to and form part of the common fund of the union.

Every such superintendent registrar shall make annually in the month of October to the guardians of his union a return of the amount of the fees received by him as such superintendent registrar during the year ending on the preceding twenty-ninth day of September, and the amount so returned shall be taken as the basis upon which the percentage deduction shall be made and the superannuation allowance shall be calculated: Provided that such annual return shall be verified by a statutory declaration that the amount so returned does not exceed the total amount received by him as such superintendent registrar during the period in question.

Where the district of a superintendent registrar is situate in more than one union, the percentage amount of his fees to be carried to the common fund of each union and the amount of any superannuation allowance or gratuity to be paid to him by the guardians of each union shall be in proportion to the rateable value of the portions of the district in each union, to be ascertained by the valuation list in force, or, if there is no valuation list, by the last poor rate.