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A.D. 1896.]

Local Acts.


xliv. An Act to enable the Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of King's Lynn to cover over a portion of the Mill Fleet and with the consent of the Commissioners of Sewers for the County of Norfolk to use the Middleton Stop Drain as storm overflows and to raise additional moneys and for other purposes. (King's Lynn Corporation.)

xlv. An Act for the creation of New Preferred and Deferred Converted Ordinary Shares of William Hancock and Company Limited and for other purposes. (William Hancock and Company Limited (Further Capital).)

xlvi. An Act for incorporating the Cawood Wistow and Selby Light Railway Company and for other purposes. (Cawood Wistow and Selby Light Railway.)

xlvii. An Act to authorise the Newport Godshill and St. Lawrence Railway Company to further improve and extend their Railway towards Ventnor and for other purposes. (Newport Godshill and St. Lawrence Railway.)

xlviii. An Act to amend Section 61 of the Leeds Hydraulic Power Act 1886. (Leeds Hydraulic Power.)

xlix. An Act to extend the time limited by the Padiham Local Board Act 1889 for the construction of certain works thereby authorised. (Padiham Urban District Council (Water).)

l. An Act to empower the Corporation of the Borough of South Shields to apply for an increase of Aldermen and Councillors to construct Street Tramway Quay and other works to make better provision for the health and good government of the Borough and for other purposes. (South Shields Corporation.)

li. An Act to enable the London County Council to work their Tramways and for other purposes. (London County Tramways.)

lii. An Act to empower the Corporation of Barnsley to obtain Water from Hagg Brook and other tributaries of the River Porter or Little Don in the Township of Bradfield for the supply of the Borough of Barnsley and other places and to borrow further Money to extend their Limits of Water Supply and for other purposes. (Barnsley Corporation (Water).)

liii. An Act to extend the Agreement scheduled to the Sheffield Tramways Act 1872 and to authorise the winding up voluntarily of the Sheffield Tramways Company. (Sheffield Tramways.)

liv. An Act to authorise the Company of Proprietors of Lambeth Waterworks to execute further works and to raise further money and for other purposes (Lambeth Waterworks.)

lv. An Act to transfer to and vest in the Urban District Council of the Urban District of Brixham in the County of Devon the undertaking of the Commissioners for improving