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A.D. 1896.]

Index to the Public General Acts.


Glasgow Parliamentary Divisions:

To redescribe the Parliamentary Divisions of the City of Glasgow. Ch. 17. S. Page 254.

Guardians. Power to County Councils to remove difficulties at elections &c of. See Local Government (Elections) Act (c. 1).

—— (Ireland), Eligibility of women as. See Poor Law Guardians (Ireland) (Women) Act (c. 5).


Hackney Carriages. See London Cab Act (c. 27).

Health, Public. See Public Health.

Highlands. See Agricultural Bates, Congested Districts, and Burgh Land Tax Belief (Scotland) Act (c. 37); West Highland Railway Guarantee Act (c. 58).

Highways. See Locomotives on Highways Act (c 36).

House of Commons. See Glasgow Parliamentary Divisions Act (c. 17).

Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, Amendment (Scotland):

To amend the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890. Ch. 31. S. Page 332.

Housing of the Working Classes (Ireland):

To remove certain Doubts with respect to the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, so far as it applies to Ireland. Ch. 11. I. Page 11.

Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, Provisional Orders under. See Table II., c. vi. (Aberdeen); c. ccxxxviii. (Birkenhead and Leeds).


Inclosure Acts, Provisional Order under See Table II., c. clxxiv. (Darwen).

Income Tax See Finance Act (c. 28, Part V.).

Incumbents of Benefices Loans Extension:

To extend the time for the Repayment of Loans granted by Queen Anne's Bounty to Incumbents of Benefices. Ch. 13. E. Page 12.

Indian Army Pension Deficiency Fund. Increase of annuity and reduction of rate of interest for. See Finance Act (c. 28 s. 37).

Industrial Assurance Companies Consolidation of Enactments relating to. See Collecting Societies and Industrial Assurance Companies Act (c 26).

Infectious Diseases. See Public Health Act (c. 19); Public Health (Ireland) Act (c. 64); Public Health (Ports) Act (c.20).

Inland Revenue See Finance Act (c. 28).

Ireland, Acts relating exclusively to. See

  • Boyne Navigation Transfer.
  • Canal Rates, Tolls, and Charges (Strabane Canal) Order Confirmation .
  • Dispensary Committees.
  • Drainage and Improvement of Lands Supplemental.
  • Housing of the Working Classes.