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Index to the Public General Acts.

[59 & 60 Vict.

Local Government (Elections) (No. 2):

To prevent certain Disqualifications for Elections to Parish Councils of 1896. Ch. 4. E. & S. Page 5.

Local Government Board's Provisional Orders Confirmation. See Table II., c. xxviii. (Poor Law); c. xxix. (No. 4); c. xxx. (No. 5); c. lxxiv. (No. 1); c. lxxv. (No. 3); c. lxxvi.;(Poor Law) (No. 2); c. c. (Ports); c. ci. (No. 6); c. cii. (No. 7); c. ciii. (No. 8); c. civ. (No. 9); c. cv. (No. 10); c. cvi. (No. 11); c. cvii. (No. 12); c. cviii. (No. 14); c. cix. (No. 17); c. cx, (No. 18); c. cxi. (No. 19); c. cxii. (Gas); c. cxiii. (Warrington); c. clxvii. (No. 2); c. clxviii. (No. 16); c. clxix. (No. 20); c. clxx. (No. 21); c. clxxi. (No. 22); c. clxxii. (No. 24); c. ccxxxvi. (No. 13); c. ccxxxvii. (No. 15); c. ccxxxviii. (Housing of Working Classes).

Local Government Board (Ireland) Provisional Orders Confirmation. See Table II., c. lxxxv. (No. 3); c. lxxxvi. (No. 4); c. lxxxvii. (No. 5); c. lxxxviii. (No. 6); c. lxxxix. (No. 7); c. xc. (No. 8); c. xci. (No. 10); c. xcii. (No. 12); c. cxvl (No. 9); c. clxii. (No. 2); c. clxiii. (No. 11); c. ccxxxv. (No. 1).

Local Loans See Public Works Loans Act (c. 42).

Local Taxation Accounts. See Agricultural Rates Act (c. 16); Agricultural Rates, Congested Districts, and Burgh Land Tax Belief (Scotland) Act (c. 37); Local Taxation (Ireland) Estate Duty Act (c. 41).

Local Taxation (Ireland) Estate Duty:

For paying to the Local Taxation (Ireland) Account a share of the Estate Duty. Ch. 41, I. Page 354.

Locomotives on Highways:

To amend the Law with respect to the Use of Locomotives on Highways. Ch. 36. U.K. Page 343.

§1. Exemption of light locomotives from certain statutory proyisions.
2. Regulations as to lights.
3. Locomotives to carry a bell.
4. Rate of speed.
5. Use of petroleum, &c.
6. Local Government Board regulations.
7. Penalties.
8. Excise duty on certain locomotives.
9. Construction of wheels of locomotives on roads.
10, 11. Application to Scotland and Ireland.
12. Short title and commencement.

London See

  • Baths and Washhouses.
  • Education Department Provisional Order Confirmation (London).
  • Electric Lighting Orders Confirmation (Notting Hill, &c.).
  • Local Government Board's Provisional Order Confirmation (Poor Law).
  • London Cab.
  • Metropolitan Police Provisional Order Confirmation.
  • Pilotage Order Confirmation.
  • Quarter Sessions (London).

London Cab. To amend the Law relating to Cabs in London. Ch. 7. E. Page 314.