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Short Titles Act, 1896.

Ch. 14.


Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.
34 Geo. 8. c. 41. An Act to impower the East India Company to continue a Bond Debt of Two Millions, and to increase the same by a further Sum, as Circumstances may require. The East India Company (Money)  Act, 1794.
34 Geo. 8. c. 58. An Act to prevent the Removal of Suits from the Inferior Courts in the County Palatine of Lancaster into the Court of Common Pleas of the said County Palatine. The Lancaster Palatine Courts  Act, 1794.
35 Geo. 8. c. 101. An Act to prevent the Removal of Poor Persons until they shall become actually chargeable. The Poor Removal  Act, 1795.
35 Geo. 8. c. 118. An Act for the more effectual Prevention of selling Ale and other Liquors by Persons not duly licensed. The Sale of Beer  Act, 1795.
35 Geo. 3. c. 122. An Act the title of which begins with the words "An Act to enable his Majesty," and ends with the words " of that Kingdom." The Burghs of Barony (Scotland)  Act, 1795.
35 Geo. 8. c. 125. An Act for preventing the Accumulation of Debts by any future Heir Apparent of the Crown, and for regulating the Mode of Expenditure from the Time when a separate Establishment shall be made for such future Heir Apparent. The Heir Apparent's Establishment  Act, 1795.
36 Geo. 3. c. 7. An Act for the Safety and Preservation of His Majesty's Person and Government against treasonable and seditious Practices and Attempts. The Treason  Act, 1795.
36 Geo. 8. c. 9. An Act to prevent Obstructions to the free Passage of Grain within the Kingdom. The Passage of Grain  Act, 1795.
36 Geo. 3. c. 10. An Act the title whereof begins with the words " An Act for the better relief of the poor," and ends with the words "maintenance of the poor." The Poor Belief  Act, 1795.
36 Geo. 3. c. 52. An Act for repealing certain Duties on Legacies and Shares of Personal Estates, and for granting other Duties thereon in certain Cases. The Legacy Duty  Act, 1796.