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what had happened to me. I lay on a bed in a strange room, feeling great weakness. Savelitch stood by me, holding a candle. Somebody was carefully removing the bandages which enveloped my chest and shoulder. Little by little my thoughts became clearer. I remembered the duel, and guessed that I had been wounded. Just then the door creaked.

"Well, how is he?" whispered a voice that made me start.

"Still in the same condition," answered Savelitch, with a sigh; "still unconscious, and this is the fifth day!"

I essayed to turn, but could not.

"Where am I? Who is here?" said I, with an effort.

Maria Ivanovna approached my bed and bent over me.

"How do you feel?" said she.

"Thank God," I answered, in a feeble voice; "is it you, Maria Ivanovna? Tell me——"

I had not the strength to proceed. Savelitch uttered an exclamation. His face beamed with joy.

"He has come to!—he has come to!" he repeated. "Glory to Thee, O Lord! Well, my little father, Piotr Andrevitch! thou hast frightened me! It is no joke; this is the fifth day!. . . ."

Maria Ivanovna interrupted him.

"Do not talk to him much, Savelitch," said she; "he is still weak!"

She left, and closed the door gently after her. My thoughts were disturbed. I was at the commandant's house. Maria Ivanovna had really come to me. I wished to ask Savelitch some questions; but the old man shook