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20 Wm. D. Fenton tion work for the great church of which they were official representatives. Owen and Taylor, of California, were not present ; Roberts was elected chairman, and Wilbur secretary ; William Helm, an elder from the Kentucky Conference, was readmitted, and J. L. Parrish, who had been received on trial in the Genessee Conference in 1848, was recognized as a pro- bationer in the Oregon and California Mission Conference, and J. E. Parrot, John McKinney and James O. Raynor were admitted on trial. It will be interesting as indicating that they were in the days of small beginnings to note the record of membership at that time. Oregon City reported 30 members and six probationers ; Salem circuit 109 members and 25 pro- bationers ; Clatsop, eight members and one probationer ; an aggregate of 348 members and six probationers; there were fourteen local preachers ,and only three churches, one at Oregon City, one at Salem, and one on the Yamhill circuit; there were nine Sabbath schools, with 261 scholars. At this conference William Roberts was appointed superin- tendent, and James H. Wilbur and J. L. Parrish were assigned to Oregon City and Portland. For the Salem circuit, William Helm, J. O. Raynor and David Leslie; Yamhill circuit, John McKinney and C O. Hosford; Mary's River, A. F. Waller and J. E. Parrot; Astoria and Clatsop were to be supplied. The Oregon and California mission conference met one year later, in Oregon City, on September 4, 1850, and there was a reported increase of only 47 members and 20 probationers. James H. Wilbur was appointed to Oregon City and the Columbia River. The third meeeting of the conference was held in the Oregon Institute on September 3, 185 1, and at that time there were 475 members and 170 probationers. The last and final meeting of the Mission Conference was held at Portland on September 2, 1852, and thereafter, by order of the General Conference held in Boston in May, 1852, Cali- fornia and Oregon were separated, and each state given a separate conference.

Wilbur was a strong man mentally and physically, and he----