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42 LoN L. Swift tion is farming, the house and lot on which it is located are a part of the farm. If, however, he devotes the greater part of his time to some other occupation, the house in which he re- sides is not a part of the farm. If the land owned by an indi- vidual, firm, or corporation is operated in part by the owner and in part by one or more tenants or managers, or if the land is wholly operated by tenants or managers, the portion of the land occupied by each is a farm, and must be reported in the name of the individual or individuals operating it. - No land cultivated under the direction of others is to be included in the report of the land operated by the owner. For census pur- poses, market, truck and fruit gardens, orchards, nurseries, cranberry marshes, greenhouses and city dairies are "farms." Provided, The entire time of at least one individual is devoted to their care. This statement, however, does not refer to gar- dens in cities or towns which are maintained by persons for the use or enjoyment of their families and not for gain. Public institutions, as almhouses, insane asylums, etc., cultivating large vegetable or fruit gardens, or carrying on other agricultural work, are to be considered as farms."* Six classes of farmers are named by the census reports for 1900 : owners, "part owners," "owners and tenants," managers, cash tenants and share tenants. Owners are those cultivating farms belonging to them; part owners, those owning a part and renting a part of the farms tilled by them (in 1880 and 1890, farms thus operated were reported as two; one owned, the other rented) ; owners and tenants, those cultivating farms operated by the joint direction and by the united labor of two or more persons, one owning the farm or a part of it, the other, or others, owning no part but receiving for supervision or labor a share of the produce; managers, those operating farms for a fixed salary ; cash tenants, those cultivating farms for a definite amount of money; share tenants, those cultivat-

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