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I30 LoN L. Swift agreement for the term of twelve months from the first day of May, 1907, to the first day of May, 1908, the lessee yielding and paying to the lessor the yearly rent of $1000 in monthly installments of $83 per month, payable on the last of each and every month during said term, the first installment to be pay- able on the last day of May, 1907, and the lessee covenants to pay the said rent in manner and at times aforesaid, and that he will farm and cultivate the said Sunflower Dairy during said term in a good farmlike, dairyman and husbandlike man- ner and according to the usual custom of dairying and farming in the neighborhood, that he will properly care for, feed, milk and treat all stock on said place, and especially give the best of care to the registered Dutch Belted cattle put on said place this spring by the party of the first part, and will test the milk from each cow thereon once at least in every three months or quarter during said term, and will also weigh the milk from each cow on the first, tenth and twentieth days of each month both morning and night, and within five days there- after report in writing to the lessor the results of each test and weighing, and that he will keep a faithful record of the breeding time of each cow and hog thereon, and report the same in writing to said lessor at the end or sooner determina- tion of said term ; that he will at all times keep all stock and hogs clear and away from all dykes on said land; that at the end or sooner termination of said term he will turn over and deliver up to the lessor all stock described in said schedule except such of said stock as shall be sold or dead, and all such he shall replace with animals of a similar quality to the satis- faction of the lessor ; that he will keep up and swarm in season all hives or stands of bees now on said place ; that he will keep all shrubbery and fruit trees and garden bushes in good order and condition ; that he will dig a reasonable amount of open ditches, as agreed upon by both parties; that he will level a reasonable amount of small ditches on said farm, and will put in during said year about 25 rods of underdraining ; that he

will keep down and destroy all wire grass, weeds and thistles----