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1 THE ORECON HISTORICAL SOCIETY ORGANIZED DECEMBER 17. 1806 FREDERICK V. HOLMAN .... - Pmldent JOSEPH R. WILSON .... - Vke-Praident F.G. YOUNG Secreian, CHARLES E. LADD Tnasurer GEORGE H. HIMES, Asalstanl Secretarv, DIRECTORS THE GOVERNOR OF OREGON, ex officio. THE SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, ex ojgfich. Term expires at Annual Meeting in December, 1909. FREDERICK V. HOLMAN, WM. D. FENTON. Term expires at Annual Meetmg in December, 1910. ARTHUR C. BOGGESS. MILTON W. SMITH. Term expires at Annual Meeting in December, 191 1. MRS. MARIA L. MYRICK. CHARLES J. SCHNABEL. Term expires at Annual Meting in December, 1912. MRS. HARRIET K. McARTHUR. GEORGE H. HIMES. The Quarterly u mbI free to all memben of the Society. The annual dues are two ddlan. The fee for life membership is twenty-five dcJIan. Contributions to The Quarterly and to the affairs of this Society, should be addr< ica relative to lustorical materials, or pertaining F. G. YOUNG, Secretary. Eugene, Oreaoo. Subscriptions for The Quarterly, at tat the other publications of the Society, should be seol to GEORGE H. HIMES, Assistant Secretary.

Gty Hall,. Portland. Oresos.----