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Warre and Vavasour, 1845-6. 19 tion of military operations in it, should such operations be- come necessary. Sir George Simpson, who possesses in an eminent degree a practical knowledge of the country which it is intended to visit and examine, will be prepared with all the means which, as acting Governor of the Hudson's Bay Company, he has at his disposal, to assist the ofificers to effi- ciently carry out the important duties entrusted to them. Whatever expenses may be incurred in the expedition will be defrayed by Her Majesty's Government whenever the ac- counts thereof shall be submitted, but the officers may in the meantime require some advances to be accounted for here- after which Sir George Simpson is prepared to supply. The officers will report their proceedings to the Secretary of State for the Colonies and transmit their dispatches open, under sealed cover, to me by any safe opportunity which may present itself. It is especially to be borne in mind that perfect secrecy should, so far as possible, be preserved as to the expedition and its objects. It is scarcely necessary to add that cordial co-operation with Sir George Simpson, with reference to the objects of the mission, will be an essential part of the duties of the officers employed. I request that your Excellency will give such instructions to those officers as you may deem proper to enable them to accomplish the views of Her Majesty's Government. (Signed) Metcalfe. [No. 4.] Montreal, 3d May, 1845. The commander of the forces has been instructed by His Excellency, the Gov. General, to select two officers to accom- pany Sir George Simpson, Gov. of the Hudson's Bay Estab- lishments in British North America, upon a particular service

of an important description.----