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300 T. C. Elliott Spokane, which they found, and came up with us at noon. Landed to wait for the men who were late in starting, and again stopped a good while at breakfast. We encamped in the evening at 5 o'clock, having marched seven hours during the day, which, though little, is enough for some of the horses. Set a guard on the horses last night, which is intended to be continued during the journey to prevent the horses from straying or being stolen by the Indians. Thursday, May 6th. Showers of rain towards evening. Continued our route at an early hour, and fell upon the Nez Perces^ River, near 6 o'clock in the evening, where we put up for the night. Allowed the horses 3 hours to feed and repose in the middle of the day, and marched altogether 8 hours. Part of the road was very stony and bad for the horses' feet. Friday, May '/th. Heavy rain in the night and the greater part of the day, particularly in the afternoon. Proceed on our journey, and after passing Grand Point^ again fell upon the river opposite an Indian lodge, and cross- ed our baggage. The horses were allowed to rest before crossing there; from the bad weather they were so afraid of taking the water that all the men's efforts assisted by the Indians could not put more than 16 of them across, the others were obliged to be left on the opposite shore for the night. The men were completely drenched with wet and benumbed with cold in consequence of which, and the continued rain, keeping guard will be dispensed with tonight. I Snake.

2 Fish-hook Bend.----