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310 T. C. Elliott pass along some beaches in the river, but the water is now so high that it is impassable; the luggage we had had to be carried along the side of a steep hill by the men, where they were in danger of tumbling into the river, and the horses taken up by the hill, a very steep and difficult road which fatigued them greatly; indeed, both men and horses were ex- hausted in the evening, though the distance we made is not more than 5 or 6 miles. To avoid losing the horses we used to guard them in the night, but, as there is not grass and only leaves for them to eat, we let them loose tonight so that they may pick up what they can, as it is to be apprehended they will get so weak with hunger that they will not be able to march. Two Indians came to us in the evening, and have agreed to accompany us to the crossing place, and point out the best road to us as they are better acquainted with the country than our guide. Sunday, May 25th. Rained constantly almost all day. Started early, and with our new guide got on pretty well. The road through thick woods and over several steep hills; the road less difficult than these days past. One of our horses gave up, and we could not delay toi let him rest; and as he would have been lost, he was killed and the meat, bad as it is, brought in to serve us till we got to the Fort. Our provisions are getting short. All hands were wet to the skin. The horses have very little grass among the bushes this evening. Monday, May 26th. Fair weather, but the bushes still hang with wet. Continued our journey early and arrived at a small plain not far from the crossing place at 5 o'clock, where we en- camped. The road lay through thick woods and over some

steep hills. Found a small plain at noon where we stopped to----