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John Brown's Raid^ 1859. 323 frankness, that it is impossible for them to escape ; that the armory is surrounded on all sides by troops ; and that if he is compelled to take them by force he cannot answer for their safety. R. E. LEE, Colonel Commanding United States Troops. B. List of Insurgents. — 14. John Brown, of New York, commander-in-chief, badly wounded ; prisoner. Aaron C. Stevens, Connecticut, captain, badly wounded; prisoner. Edward Coppee, Iowa, lieutenant, unhurt ; prisoner. Oliver Brown, New York, captain ; killed. Watson Brown, New York, captain ; killed. Albert Hazlett, Pennsylvania, lieutenant ; killed. William Leman, Maine, lieutenant; killed. Stuart Taylor, Canada, private ; killed. Charles P. Tidd, Maine, private; killed. William Thompson, New York, private ; killed. Adolph Thompson, New York, private ; killed John Kagi, Ohio, private; killed. Jeremiah Anderson, Indiana, private ; killed. John E. Cooke, Connecticut, captain ; escaped. Negroes. — 5. Dangerfield, Newly, Ohio; killed. Louis Leary, Oberlin, Ohio; killed. Green Shields, (alias Emperor,) New York, unhurt; prisoner. Copeland, Oberlin, Ohio ; prisoner.

O. P. Anderson, Pennsylvania, unaccounted for.----