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CONTENTS SUBJECT INDEX Page DeSmet in the Oregon Country. By Edwin V. O'Hara 239-262 Financial History of the State of Oregon. By F. G. Young 263-295; 366-384 Fraser River, The Discovery and Exploration of. By Frederick V. Holman. . 100-115 Land Tenure in Oregon. By Lon L. Swift 131-235 Wilbur, Father, and His Work. By William D. Fenton 1 16-130 DOCUMENTS Brown's, John, OflBcial Report of. Raid Upon Harper's Ferry, Va. ; October 17-18, 1859 314-324 Jameson, John, Letter of, to Edwin Johnson 390-395 Marriage Certificate, a Hudson's Bay Company. With Editorial Notes by T. C. Elliott 325-328 Ogden, The Peter Skene, Journals, With Editorial Notes by T. C. Elliott. .331-365 Warre and Vavasour's Military Reconnoissance in Oregon, 1845-6, Docu- ments Relative to. Edited by Joseph Schafer, Ph. D 1-99 Work, John, Journal of. Edited by T. C. EUiott 296-313 AUTHORS' INDEX T. C. Elliott, Editorial Notes on "A Hudson's Bay Marriage Certificate" ... .32^-^2% Editorial Notes on "The Peter Skene Ogden Journals" 331-365 ■ Editor of the Journal of John Work 296-313 Fenton, William D., Father Wilbur and His Work 116-130 Floyd, John B., Official Report of John Brown's Raid Upon Harper's Ferry, Va., October 17-18, 1859 314-324 Holman, Frederick V., The Discovery and Exploration of the Fraser River.. loo-iis Address at the Dedication of the McLaughlin Home 385-389 Jameson, J. Franklin, Letter of, Submitting Letter of John Jameson 390 O'Hara, Edwin V., DeSmet in the Oregon Country 239-262 Schafer, Joseph, Editor Documents Relative to Warre and Vavasour's Mili- tary Reconnoissance in Oregon, 1845-1846 i-99

Swift, Lon L., Land Tenure in Oregon 131-23S----