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338 Peter Skene O'gden Journals Thursday, Diecember i. Again horses missing; no doubt stolen. It was late ere we started and we reached the River of the Falls^ early and camped. We found upwards of 100 In- dians. The 2 traps stolen were recovered. Many horses of- fered for sale, but too extravagant in demands. Toward night one Indian stole some ammunition out of the free men's tents. The Walla Walla chief started in pursuit of the thief and returned in the night with the stolen property ; road stony and hilly ; course S. W. ; distance 6 miles. Friday, 2d. Three of the men's horses wanting, also some belonging to the natives. This did not prevent raising camp, as by remaining here we should lose more than gain, but to- morrow shall send party back in quest of our horses. We hac some difficulty in crossing over the river, its banks being over- flowed owing to the mild weather and late rains. Having crossed, we bade farewell to the Columbia River and took S. E. direction and camped on a small river^ which discharges into Columbia below Grand Dalles ; distance 6 miles ; commenced keeping watch as I fear now the Indians know of our leaving them they may attempt to take a band of our horses. Soil firm and well wooded ; few oak trees ; no signs of beaver. Saturday, 3d. It was late ere we started; number of In- dians that followed us yesterday traded 30 salmon and bade us farewell. I engaged a chief to return with 3 men in quest of our stolen horses. On starting we left the river, crossed over a point of land 9 miles, then followed the river about a mile. It being dark, we camped. It is scarcely credible, altho we are yet so short a distance from the Columbia what a difference there is ; soil rich ; oak of a large size, abundant ; grass green, weather warm; route hilly; high hills at a distance covered with snow ; distance 10 miles ; course S. S. W. ; men constantly employed about our horses. 1 Des Chutes River.

2 Fifteen Mile Creek.----