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340 Peter Skene Ogden Journals Tuesday, 6th. Hunters off in quest of deer; 2 horses miss- ing, one of the Company's. Remained in camp till 11, hoping to find him, but in vain. Before leaving sent an Indian and one man in quest of him. Crossed over the S. E. with some difficulty over route hilly; country very stony. We reached the foot of the mountains. Our guide killed a deer. The Walla Walla chief departed from us ; traded a horse from him ; distance 12 miles S. S. E. Man and Indian returned without horse. Wednesday, 7th. Broke camp an early hour ; began ascend- ing; continued so for 3% hours. However great the ascent, the descent was not great. By the time we reached level ground our horses were greatly fatigued, and tho early, we encamped; road very stony; country covered with rocks and stones ; deer abundant ; upwards of 100 seen ; travel too swift to be overtaken ; hunters killed 3 ; distance 10 miles. Thursday, 8th. Rain all night. We started at 10 o'clock — passed over a rugged country, stony and hilly; horses sinking knee deep in the mire ; late ere we found a small brook to camp; course south; distance 10 miles; hunters killed 2 deer and a mountain sheep. Shortly after camping, were joined by Mr. McKay^ and 4 men. He informed me Mr. McDonald was at a short distance, anxiously waiting my arrival. Their suc- cess had not been great, only 460 beaver, but this is solely owing to the poverty of the country and not tO' want of effort. Their wait has recruited their horses, which mine greatly re- quire. Anxious to find beaver ere I make a halt; weather cloudy and cold. Friday, 9th. Started early. Route, as usual, over a hilly country for 8 miles, when we reached Mr. McDonald's camp on the bank of the Falls River; fine large stream. Both par- ties pleased to meet. Many of the hills we crossed are of blood I Thomas McKay, a sure shot at Indians; son of Alexander McKay, of the

Astor party.----