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348 Peter Skene Ogden Journals day to steal beaver out of their neighbors' traps if they find nothing in their own. Altho strong suspicions against the men, we could not prove them guilty. Our traps gave us lo beaver. Sunday, 8th. Snow today. Absent men arrived with 2 small deer ; divided it fairly amongst all. Had the pleasure of seeing a raven this day. Some wolves were also seen by the trappers; I2 beavers and i otter. Monday, 9th. Our horses assembled, we started early N. N. E. for 4 miles and crossed over a fine fork, then ascended some high hills, very stony. A violent storm obliged us to encamp. General course N. N. E. and E. 8 miles. Two Nez Perces in- timated they would leave us to morrow. Starving does not agree with them ; 2 beaver this day. Tuesday, loth. Wrote the gentlemen of Columbia, gave the Indians presents for the trouble of carrying the letters. Came only short distance, when wind obliged us to encamp ; 9 beaver; 2 horses killed for food. Seeing our horses killed makes me wretched, for I know full well in the Spring we will require them all. Two of the hunters arrived starving. They had been gone three days and did not see the track of a thing. Wednesday, nth. Started early; weather mild. About dusk we reached the sources of the Day's River, which dis- charges in the Columbia, 9 miles from main falls. Here we camped; 15 miles; 3 beaver. Thursday, 12th. Nearly two-thirds of horses too lame to move, but require food, and followed down stream 3 miles on a horrid road, one continued rock and stone, ascended a high hill, descended to a fork of the river and camped — course N. N. W. 3 miles, E. 4; i beaver ; 12 colts killed for food. Friday, 13th. Five men absent since the loth. I am obliged to wait, altho we are starving. A mountain must be crossed ahead and it is necessary our horses should rest. We have

taken in all 265 beavers and 9 otters. This day 2 beavers.----