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350 Peter Skene Ogden Journals Wednesday, the i8th. This A. M. sent out 6 men well loaded with traps. The Snake Indian left us this morning. I sent my guide with him, as he said he had lo beaver skins, to induce him to return to trade. About mid-day Mr. Dears with the absent men arrived. He found them in the mountains we crossed on the nth. They were in quest of us and from the route they were taking would probably never have found us. They have 15 beaver and i otter. Well I sent for them. At night my guide returned and informed me the Snake Indian on reaching his hut, found all abandoned ; his family and fol- lowers had fled, but the Snake had gone in pursuit and would bring them to my camp ; 4 beaver and 2 otter this day, making in all 19 beaver, 2 otter; 4 traps lost, owing to high water. Mr. McKay came back with one small deer. Thursday, 19th. Early 5 Snake Indians paid us a visit and traded 6 large and 2 small beaver for knives and beads and 10 beavers with my guide for a horse. I treated them kindly and made a trifling present to an old man with them whom they appeared to respect. They were fine, tall men, well dressed, and for so barren a country in good condition. None of my trappers returned. From this I conclude they are doing well. Friday, 20th. Ascended fork 8 miles, our course due east, our route over Barren Hills, but a lofty range of mountains visible on both sides of the river, well wooded with Norway pines ; today 27 beaver and 4 otter. Saturday, 21st. Seventeen beaver and 2 otter today; nearly sufficient to supply us with food. Sunday, 22d. Cold increasing. Ice will soon form again. This day 26 beaver. Monday, 23d. Severe cold. Two horses missing. Course west ; distance 9 miles ; beaver 7. Tuesday, 24th. Floating in the river 2 horses supposed to be stolen by Snake hunters ; killed an antelope ; 27 beaver and 2