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Snake Expedition, 1825-1826 361 Saturday, May 6th. Over hilly, stony country, bare of wood to Raft River; began to snov^ and continued the greater part of the night. Many of the trappers came in, almost froze, naked as the greater part are, and destitute of shoes, it is sur- prising not a murmur or complaint do I hear; such men are worthy of following Franklin. Two-thirds without a blanket or any shelter, and have been so for the last six months. Thirty-four beaver today. Tuesday, May 9th. Half the camp ill from meat of beaver fat from eating hemlock. Sunday, May 21st. The Snakes inform us a party of Americans, about 30 in number, has descended this stream on their return from Salt Lake, without beaver ; this agrees with the account of Mr. Montain. Tuesday, May 23d. We saw the corpse of an Indian lying on the plains. The Snakes have a mode of burying their dead different from all other natives ; where he falls he is allowed to remain, without a grave or covering; a feast for the wolves and crows ; nor is any ceremony observed or grief of long dura- tion ; how pleasant to part with friends without regretting them. The Snakes have one advantage over us ; I envy them. Friday, June 2d. Proceeded but a short distance when we met with a Snake ; this Indian I saw last year on Bear's River ;^ it was this rascal who headed the party who pillaged us two years ago. He also headed the party who murdered nine Americans and pillaged all their property, and last year again pillaged the Americans of all they had. Saturday, June 3d. Mr. Dears started from Indian tent in the hope of trade, but without success. In fact, with the Snakes, you must take them by surprise; take their property ere they have time to secure it, and recompense them for it. By any other means, you cannot obtain anything from them,

I Probably the date of Mr. Ogden's first trip to Great Salt Lake.----