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This page needs to be proofread.
John Jameson

Pitchers yellow " 4.50
Pitchers white pr doz 9.00
cover'd chambers " " 5.50
Blk tea pots " " 6.00
White " " 9.00
" Sugar bowls" " 7.50
Yellow " " " " 6.00
Soup plates pr doz 2.00
dining " " " 1.75
Breakfast" " " 1.50
Tea " " " 1.25
Preserve " " " i.oo

I have omitted many articles I keep but I guess your list is long enough. My sales at present are very small as all the farmers are harvesting. I take in & pay in goods or cash, chickens (alive) at .75 to i.oo a piece; Eggs at 50 cts doz; butter at 40c; wheat at 1.75 bus & Oats at 75c. And now my dear brother I must close with a little good advice. Be not an eye servant but do just the same when Mr. Davis is out as when he is inĀ ; Obey your dear parents & obey them cheer- fully & with alacrity. I hope to hear of your going to sch[ool] again soon for you are losing the most precious days of your life. If you ever think of coming out here, study French. It is a very great disadvantage to me not under- standing it. And now My dear Ed, good bye & may God Almighty bless you & may you try & serve him better & better as you grow older.

Yours truly

John Jameson

Write soon.