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INDEX TO VOL. X A Aberdeen, Lord, requested by Sir Rob- ert Peel to prepare memorandum on conditions on the Columbia and on American relations connected with the Oregon question, 4; suggests that Rear Admiral Sir George Seymour should visit the Oregon Coast, 5. B BoGGESS, Professor Arthur C, author of "The Settlement of Illinois," 237. Brown's, John, Official Report of Raid upon Harper's Ferry, Va., October 17-18, 1859, 314-24- c Calhoun, Secretary, negotiates on American-British controversy over Oregon, 2. Carver, Jonathan, writes of the "River of the West," 105-106. CiARK, Professor Robert Carlton, au- thor of "Beginnings of Texas," 237. Compact of 1845 between leaders of American and British residents in the Oregon Country, contrasting views as to whether it was a judicious course for the Hudson's Bay Company of- ficials, 1 1 -1 3. D De Smet in the Oregon Country, 239- 262; at Green River rendezvous, 242-4; at Fort Hall, 246; on Bitter Root River, 246-7. De Smet's treatment of problem of In- dian marriage, 248; at Fort Colville, 249-51; goes to St. Paul Mission, 253-4; missionary travels through Oregon Country, 257-8; a power for peace among Indian tribes of Pa- cific Northwest, 259-262. E Ermatinger, Francis, agent at Fort Hall, 246. Elliott, T. C, editor of Journal of John Work, 296-313; editorial notes of, accompanying "A Hudson's Bay Company Marriage Certificate," 324- 8; editorial notes of, on "The Peter Skene Ogden Journals," 331-365; throws light on Ogden's first expedi- tion to the Missouri and return via the Snake River, 333-5. F Fenton, William D., Father Wilbur and His Work, 116-130. Floyd, John B., official report of John Brown's raid upon Harper's Ferry, Va., October 17-18, 1859, 314-24. Fortifications recommended for the pro- tection of the British interests in Oregon, 84-94. Fraser River, the discovery and explo- ration of, 100-115; one of the four notable events in connection with it and the Columbia, 101-2; failure of Vancouver to find, 102-4; Mackenzie discovers and names it the Tacoutche, 104-5. Fraser, Simon, settlement on Fraser River under his leadership, 108; family and youth of, 109; his ex- ploration of the Fraser River, 109- "S- H Halloway, Colonel, commander of Royal Engineers, suggestions of, to Lieutenant Vavasour, 8. HoLMAN, Frederick V., presidential ad- dress of, at annual meeting of the Oregon Historical Society, Dec. 19, 1908, on "The Discovery and Ex- ploration of the Fraser River," 100- 115; address of, on the occasion of "The Dedication of the McLoughlin Home," 385-9- Hudson's Bay Company establishments, statistics of, in the Oregon Territory and in the Northwest Coast of Amer- ica, 1845-60. I Ignace, Iroquois, an apostle to the Flatheads, 240-2. Indian Tribes in Oregon Territory, sta- tistics on, in Warre and Vavasour's report, 61-2. ^ Indian, deputations of, go to St. Louis, for priests, 240-2. Indians, failures of missionaries to, 124-5. J Jameson, Dr. J. F., letter of, submit- ting letter of his father written from Oregon in 1852, 390. Jameson, John, letter of, written in

1852, from Butteville while engaged----