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Warre and Vavasour, 1845-6. 59 We shall have the honor to submit on our return, in 1846, more detailed Statements of all the separate Tribes. Report of Warre and Vavasour, 26 October, 1845. Section A of the Organic Law. The Officers under this compact shall take an oath as fol- lows, to-wit: I do solemnly swear that I will support the Organic Laws of the Provisional Government of Oregon, so far as the said Organic Laws are consistent with my duties as a citizen of the United States or a subject of Great Britain, and faithfully demean myself in office, so help me God. An Act to Organize the District of Vancouver. Be it enacted by the House of Representatives of Oregon Territory, as follows: That all that portion of the Territory of Oregon, lying north of the middle of the main channel of the Columbia River, shall be, and the same is hereby declared, a separate district, under the name and style of Vancouver District ; and the said District shall be entitled to elect one member of the House of Representatives, at the next annual election. This act to take effect and be in force from and after its passage. Oregon City, 20 August, 1845. M. Vavasour, Lieut. Royal Engr. Henry J. Warre, Lt. Ad. Enclosure i. Approved, Geo. Abernethy,