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Warre and Vavasour^ 1845-6. 63 [No. II.] Fort Vancouver, December 8, 1845. The Right Honorable The Secretary of State for the Colonies. My LordĀ : We have had the favor of forwarding a report of our proceedings to the 12th Novr. by the Honble. H. B. Co.'s ship "Cowlitz," and beg to apprise your Lordship of the opening of the House of Representatives for the Oregon Ter- ritory, and herewith to forward a copy of the Governor's speech on that occasion. Mr. Abernethy, the Governor, is an American and a large majority of the members, thirteen in number, are also citizens of the United States. We would beg to draw your Lordship's attention to the second paragraph in the speech, relative to the organization of an efficient militia. In the preamble of the Organic Laws of Oregon, the first article recommended by the Legislative committee is worded as follows, vizĀ : "We, the people of Oregon Territory, for purposes of mutual protection and to secure peace and pros- perity among ourselves, agree to adopt the following Laws and Regulations, until such time as the United States of America extend their jurisdiction over us/' The anxiety shown by Mr. Abernethy for an effective militia, which would be composed almost entirely of American citizens, has arisen chiefly from the interest lately taken by England in the affairs of the country. The arrival, in the first instance, of H. M. Ship America, Captain the Honble. C. Gordon, who forwarded an extract from a dispatch for pub- lication in the settlement, to the purport, that England was determined to protect her subjects and their interests in the Territory. Second by the entrance into the Columbia River of H. M. Ship Modeste, Captain Baillie, with the intention of remaining the winter. This militia will naturally support the claims of the govern- ment of the United States should hostilities actually occur

between that country and England. There are about 50 men----