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Warre and Vavasour^ 1845-6. 67 migrate to California, toward which country the Government of the United States are offering every encouragement for emi- gration, and to which a large number of emigrants from the western states are preparing to proceed early in 1846. We have, accidentally, had an opportunity of perusing the message of the late President (Mr. Tyler) dated Deer. 3d, 1844, with the accompanying reports, etc. On referring to that of the then secretary of war, we find the following important passage, preceding [sic] the recom- mendation of forming a new territory, or state, on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains as follows : "In consequence of the conflicting claims of a foreign na- tion to the Territory west of the Rocky Mountains, Congress has exhibited a reluctance to organize it under a territorial government. Entertaining myself no doubt of the propriety and expediency of the measure, justifiable by the legitimacy of our claim, I shall say no more on the subject." The Secretary of War then proceeds to recommend the for- mation of a Territory on the eastern side of the mountains, extending from the Kansas River to the Rocky Mountains, along the Wind River chain of mountains south to the head- waters of the Arkansas River and back to the mouth of the Kansas, taking in the headwaters of the Mocho and Osage Rivers. He proceeds by saying: "This territory will include the lines of communication to California to Mexico and Santa Fe, and to Oregon, by a more southern route recently discovered by Lieut. Fremont 150 miles south of the present pass. The establishment of military posts in this territory would enable the American government to throw troops into Oregon, and would no longer leave our title a barren and untenable claim. Its possession and occupancy would thence forward not depend on the naval superiority in the Pacific Ocean." An appropriation of $1,000,000 for erecting military posts from the Missouri to the Rocky Mountains is also recom-

mended by the Secretary at War, to carry out the above plan----