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Warre and Vavasour, 1845-6. 73 Mr, Ogden was at first inclined to meet our views on this subject, but his instructions from Sir George Simpson not be- ing sufficiently explicit, we are under the necessity of laying before your Lordship the accompanying correspondence with Mr. Ogden relative to the purchase of Cape Disappointment from the American citizens, which was not completed till near the end of February, 1846, and detained us till that period be- fore we could complete the survey of the Cape or make any arrangements for fulfilling this important part of our missioa Your Lordship will observe that Mr. Ogden has taken the entire responsibility of the purchase upon himself, but he was induced to effect this in consequence of the importance we at- tached to gaining peaceable possession of the Cape. The antic- ipated arrival of Lt. Fremont and the resolutions of the House of Representatives induced us to form this opinion and we trust your Lordship will approve of the expense incurred to gain this object. Point Adams on the south shore, commanding the south channel, is low sandy ground, densely covered with fir and pine timber. The channel has been seldom made use of. The chief obstacles to its navigation appear to be the strength of the current and the narrowness of the passage In the rear of Point Adams are situated the "Clatsop Plains," on which about 20 families, Canadians and Americans, are set- tled. They grow wheat and potatoes, and have sufficient num- ber of horses, cattle, pigs, etc., to supply troops until provisions can be obtained from the settlements above. Her Majesty's ship "Modeste" entered the river on the 2nd of November, and ascended the Columbia to Fort Vancouver; she anchored immediately opposite the fort, on the 29th Novr., having taken nearly a month in the ascent, owing to detention from wind, etc. The House of Representatives elected by the settlers in Ore- gon, assembled at Oregon City on the ist December. We had the honor of forwarding a copy of the Governor's

message, or speech, on the occasion by the Hudson's Bay Com-----