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O foolish one! this molded earth is naught;
This particolored vault of heaven is naught;
   Our sojourn in this seat of life and death
Is but one breath, and what is that but naught?


Some wine, a Houri (Houris if there be),
A green bank by a stream, with minstrelsy;—
   Toil not to find a better Paradise,
If other Paradise indeed there be!


To the wine-house I saw the sage repair,
Bearing a wine-cup, and a mat for prayer;
   I said, "O Shaikh, what does this conduct mean?"
Said he, "Go drink! the world is naught but air."

78.   Bl. L. N.   Shakl i mujassam, 'the earth.'   Bl.

79.   Bl. C. L. N. A. I. J.   Dozakh i farsúda, 'an old hell,' i.e. vain things which create a hell for you.   Bl.

80.   N.