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Wine is a melting ruby, cup its mine;
Cup is the body, and the soul is wine;
    These crystal goblets smile with ruddy wine
Like tears, that blood of wounded hearts enshrine.


Drink wine! 'tis life etern, and travail's meed,
Fruitage of youth, and balm of age's need;
    'Tis the glad time of roses, wine and friends;
Rejoice thy spirit—that is life indeed.


Drink wine! long must you sleep within the tomb,
Without a friend, or wife to cheer your gloom;
    Hear what I say, and tell it not again,
Never again can withered tulips bloom.

105.   L. B.

106.   L. B. There being no izáfat after yárán, sar i mast must agree with hangám.

107.   C. A. B. I. J.   This recalls the chorus in the Oedipus Coloneus.