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They preach how sweet those Houri brides will he,
But I say wine is sweeter—taste and see!
    Hold fast this cash, and let that credit go.
And shun the din of empty drums like me.


Once and again my soul did me implore,
To teach her, if I might, the heavenly lore;
    I bade her learn the Alif well by heart.
Who knows that letter well need learn no more.


I came not hither of my own freewill.
And go against my wish, a puppet still;
    Cupbearer! gird thy loins, and fetch some wine;
To purge the world's despite, my goblet fill.

108.   C. L. A. B. I. J.   Súr, 'nuptials.'

109.   B.   Alif kafat, the One (God) is enough.   Probably a quotation. Hafiz (Ode 416) uses the same expression: 'He who knows the One knows all.'

110.   C. L. A. B. I. J.   'azmé, yá i tankír, or tans ifi?   See note to No. 373.