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Alas for that cold heart, which never glows
With love, nor e'er that charming madness knows;
    The days misspent with no redeeming love;—
No days are wasted half as much as those!


The zephyrs waft thy fragrance, and it takes
My heart, and me, his master, he forsakes;
    Careless of me he pants and leaps to thee,
And thee his pattern and ensample makes!


Drink wine! and then as Mahmud thou wilt reign,
And hear a music passing David's strain:
    Think not of past or future, seize to-day,
Then all thy life will not be lived in vain.

117.   Bl. L. B.   Note wa omitted in line 2, Bl.

118.   Bl. C. L. A. I. J.   Also ascribed to Abu Sa'id bin Abul Khair.   C. writes buyí with two yás, and hamza on the first.   The second seems to be ya i batní or tausífí, though that is usual only before adjectives.   Bl., Prosody, P. 11.

119.   Bl. C. L. A. I. J.