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Ten Powers, and nine spheres, eight heavens made He,
And planets seven, of six sides, as we see,
    Five senses, and four elements, three souls,
Two worlds, but only one, O man, like thee.


Jewry hath seen a thousand prophets die,
Sinai a thousand Musas mount the sky;
    How many Caesars Rome's proud forum crossed!
'Neath Kasra's dome how many monarchs lie!


Gold breeds not wit, but to wit lacking bread
Earth's flowery carpet seems a dungeon bed;
    'Tis his full purse that makes the rose to smile,
While empty-handed violets hang the head.

120.   L.   A summary of the Muhammadan doctrine of "Emanations."   See Gulshan i Ráz, p. 21.   Three souls, 'i.e. vegetive, animal and human, as in Aristotle's De Anima.   Akhtaram (?) also in Cambridge MS.

121.   L. J.   Time is long and life short.

122.   L.   Alluding to the golden stamens of the rose.   I supply tihi from the Cambridge MS.